Welcome to Sosar Physical Therapy

For over 30 years, Sosar Physical Therapy has been providing quality physical therapy services to the residents of northern Schuylkill County!  Our practice was founded in 1981 by Thomas M. Sosar, PT, and was originally located at Broad Mountain Nursing Center.  In 1992 we moved the main office to our current location in the Altamont section of Frackville.  In recent years, we expanded our practice to include our successful Shenandoah and Hegins offices. 

All offices are accepting new patients.

- Vertigo and Vestibular Rehab
- Concussion Management

Making decisions about healthcare can be complicated. The biggest decision is picking the right provider to fit you and your needs. When it comes to physical therapy, you have the right to choose your provider. When discussing your options regarding physical therapy, request us by name. Make your first decision the best decision, and let us help you.

We are DIRECT ACCESS PROVIDERS!!! You may be eligible for consultation and treatment WITHOUT physician referral. Contact our offices today to see if you qualify.


















Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Post-Surgical Management

Neurological Rehab

Vertigo and Vestibular Rehab

Concussion Management

Sports Rehab

Industrial Rehab

Spine Disorders



General Deconditioning

Wound Care

Wellness Center