Thomas Sosar, PT


Thomas M. Sosar, LPT


Mr. Sosar has been a practicing physical therapist for over 35 years.  He is a native of Hazleton, PA and currently resides in Gordon, PA.  After graduating from King's College, Wilkes-Barre, PA, and the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, he began his practice of physical therapy in Ebensburg, PA.  In 1970, he relocated to Schuylkill County, becoming the Director of Physical Therapy at Ashland Hospital and also provided physical therapy services to a number of local skilled nursing facilities.  In 1981 he established his current private physical therapy practice in Frackville. He is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association, APTA Private Practice Section, and sits on the Penn State Advisory Board.  His interests include orthopedics, geriatrics, work/industrial rehab, and hand therapy.


King's College, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Bachelor of Science in Biology, 1964-1968

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Certificate of Physical Therapy, 1968-1969


Pennsylvania State Physical Therapy License
CPR and AED Certification


American Physical Therapy Association
APTA Private Practice Section
Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association


1980 – Present
Sosar Physical Therapy, LLC, Frackville, PA
Physical Therapist/Owner

1981 -- 1991
Tremont Nursing Center
Director of Physical Therapy

1969 -- 1970
Ebensburg State School and Hospital
Staff Physical Therapist

1971 -- 1992
Broad Mountain Nursing and Rehab, Frackville, PA
Director of Physical Therapy

1970 – 1981
Ashland State General Hospital
Director of Physical Therapy 

Continuing Education

April 1987

Acupuncture, T.E.N.s, and Acupressure
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

June 1987

Special Study of the Hand
Williamsburg, Virginia

September 1989

McKenzie Spinal Mechanical Therapy Part 1
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

September 1990

McKenzie Spinal Mechanical Therapy Part 2
Phildelphia, Pennsylvania

September 1991

Update on Arthritis
St. Louis, Missouri

March 1992

The Shoulder
Baltimore, Maryland

November 1992

PPTA Seminars
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

April 1993

Lumbar Functional Stabilization
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

November 1993

National APTA Seminars
Palm Springs, California

October 1994

Joint Mobilization Techniques
Baltimore, Maryland

November 1994

National APTA Seminars
Marco Island, Florida

February 1995

Upper Extremity Injuries in Baseball
Reading, Pennsylvania

April 1995

The Conservative Management of Back Pain
Atlantic City, New Jersey

November 1995

National APTA Seminars
St. Louis, Missouri

May 1996

Geriatric Orhopedics
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

November 1996

Current Clinical Concepts in Orthopaedic Therapy
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

May 1997

Closed Chain Exercises: A Functional Approach
Baltimore, Maryland

October 1997

Step by Step
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

May 1998

Orthopedic Gerontology
Washington, D.C.

November 1998

National APTA Seminars
Chicago, Illinois

March 1999

Strategies for Complex Geriatric Patients
Philadelphia, PA

November 1999

National APTA Seminars
Marco Island, Florida

March 2000

Pharmacology in Rehabilitation
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

October 2000

Understanding Anger
Danville, Pennsylvania

October 2000

National APTA Seminars
Colorado Springs, CO

March 2001

Functional Mobility for the Elderly
Baltimore, MD

October 2001

Diabetes: An Emerging Epidemic
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November 2001

National APTA Seminars
Memphis, Tennessee

March 2002

Geriatric Neurology
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October 2002

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Vancouver, CA

May 2003

Hand, Wrist & Elbow Complex
Las Vegas, NV

October 2003 National APTA Seminars

March 2004

Osteoporosis: A Comprehensive Treatment Strategy
Las Vegas, NV

October 2004

Introduction to Hand Therapy
Danville, PA

June 2005 Current Concepts in Wound Healing
Nashville, TN
October 2005 National APTA Seminars
Phoenix, AZ
April 2006 Assessment of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Function in Older Adults
Philadelphia, PA
May 2006 Differential Diagnosis and Medical Screening for Direct Access Physical Therapists
Philadelphia, PA
October 2006 National APTA Seminars
Miami, FL
June 2007 Effective Examination and Treatment of Shoulder Injuries: The Kinetic Link Model
Wilkes-Barre, PA
August 2007 Therapeutic Exercises for the Elderly
San Francisco, CA
October 2008 Wound Care Update
Geisinger, Danville, PA
November 2008 National APTA Seminars
Orlando, FL








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Post-Surgical Management

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Vertigo and Vestibular Rehab

Concussion Management

Sports Rehab

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