Our office in Shenandoah is now able to provide you with wellness programs, allowing you to become aware of, take responsibility for, and make choices that directly contribute to your own well being.  In other words, if you express an interest in maintaining an active exercise program, we can offer you consultation and monitoring by our physical therapy staff. 

For a small monthly fee, we will provide you with access to our staff, facility and equipment to perform exercises at YOUR pace.  We even offer senior citizen discounts!  Please call our office for monthly fee details.

*If you are a current or returning client, we will waive your Initial Consultation Fee ($25.00 savings)

Please be aware that we will perform basic health screening prior to beginning your wellness program.  For your safety, we may refer you to your primary care physician for a general physical, if necessary.

Wellness clients are subject to scheduling.  For more details, please call our offices:

Shenandoah  (570) 462-1015



















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Post-Surgical Management

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Vertigo and Vestibular Rehab

Concussion Management

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Spine Disorders



General Deconditioning

Wound Care

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